Q & A about EuroPride 2018

What is EuroPride?
EuroPride is an annual recurring event, where a Pride Festival in Europe is entitled to use the title EuroPride. EuroPride is an international event that attracts visitors from all over Europe.

When is EuroPride 2018?
EuroPride 2018 Stockholm Gothenburg takes place July 27 - August 19, 2018. 

  • Stockholm: 27th july - 5th august
  • Gothenburg: 14 august - 19 august

Why does West Pride and Stockholm Pride want to organize EuroPride?

During EuroPride 2018, the event is jointly organized between the two organisations Stockholm pride and West Pride. Through a shared arrangement of EuroPride, the two festivals want to challenge the EuroPride concept and create an event that lasts over three weeks. The goal is also to bind Sweden's two largest cities, Stockholm and Gothenburg together.

What is the event's slogan?

"Two cities, one country - for a united Europe, open to the world"

What does EuroPride contribute to?

By hosting EuroPride, there is a greater interest in hbtq rights in the host country. Many international journalists help to review how the rights look in the country that are hosting. It can, in turn, create forums for political influence. This year, this extended journalistic watch coincides with the election year, which may put the tone for an increased discussion that puts HGBQ's rights into greater political light.

Why is the festival in August instead of in June next year?

The festival will be arranged in conjunction with Gothenburg's cultural festival, which will also be presented in rainbow colors. The fact that EuroPride in Gothenburg coincides with Gothenburg's cultural festival gives the opportunity to make the festival bigger and more people.

When is the EuroPride parade?

  • The EuroPride parade in Stockholm takes place Saturday 4th of August.
  • The Europride parade in Gothenburg with the official closing ceremony takes place Saturday, 18 August.

How long has EuroPride been?

In 1992, the first EuroPride was organized in London.

How did EuroPride occur?

Many world-famous pride festivals were organized, inspired by Stonewall. As the trade union movement grew, the assembly organization EPOA (European Pride Organizers Assosiation) was launched for international solidarity. The EPOA launched a major arrangement that would raise internationally hbtq issues. This is EuroPride.

Who can get on EuroPride?

Anyone who stands up or needs hbtq rights.

What is the difference between EuroPride and the annual West Pride?

The festival is getting bigger and has a more international focus. Gothenburg comes during the week to have many international guests visiting. 

What is special about EuroPride 2018?

For the first time in EuroPride's history, the festival is hosted by two host cities. Stockholm Pride and West Pride want to challenge the EuroPride concept and help create cross-border collaborations that benefit hbtq people in general.