LGBTQI training in English

West Pride’s vision is an equal and inclusive world, free from prejudice and discrimination, where we together can change attitudes to achieve a more open society.

Through our trainings we offer companies and organizations knowledge in LGBTQI and diversity issues, as well as tools to create open and including work environments.

Some of our trainings are available in English. At the end of the year, we hope to be able to offer all of our trainings for businesses and organizations in English.

Below you can find our trainings which are available in English.

we support your diversity work

Program 2020

Basic lgbtqi training

Through West Pride’s basic LGBTQI training, companies and organizations have the opportunity to increase their competence in LGBTQI issues and norm awareness.

LGBTQI competence is important in creating an open and welcoming working environment where both employees, business partners and customers receive inclusive and equal treatment.

basic lgbtqi training for sport clubs

Through West Pride’s basic LGBTQI training, sports clubs have the opportunity to increase their competence in LGBTQI issues and norm awareness. 

The training focuses on LGBTQI concepts, sexual orientation and gender identity, hetero-normativity and cis-normativity, the living conditions for LGBTQI people worldwide, Swedish legislation, and openness and diversity in sports.

diversity, intersectionality and inclusion

The Diversity, discrimination and inclusion training provides an in-depth study in the areas covered by West Pride’s Basic LGBTQI training. During the training we talk about perspectives and methods that provide a good basis for a healthy working environment, that can be helpful to the company’s diversity efforts and plans.


Homophobia Therapy

An online self-help therapy in eight steps. The aim of the therapy is to cure harmful prejudices and make possible a life with less fear, more freedom and happiness.

Workplace Norms – self-study and workshop

Employers must work both preventively and counterproductively in the field of discrimination. As part of this work, West Pride offers tutorials for employers and employees in how prejudices and phobias arise. We provide knowledge about how thought patterns are created and norms are maintained, as well as how to counteract prejudice and instead create an inclusive work environment.

contacts us for trainings

If you are interested in any of our trainings or have any questions, please contact our Education Coordinator, Jo Fridmar.