March 31st – Annual meeting (members only)

April 27th – Application form to volunteer opens

May 27th – Application for exhibition spot opens

June 7th – Application for program items closes

June 7th – Booking of flags opens

June 7th – Application for Pride Parade opens

August 16th – Application for exhibition spot closes

August 30th and September 3rd (half days) – Volunteer training

September 5th (whole day) – Volunteer training

September 10th– Application for Pride Parade closes

September 13th – Bookings of flags closes

September 13th – Program release

TBA – Flag pick-up

September 20th–October 3rd – Flagging with rainbowflags

September 24th – Info centre opens

September 27th–October 3rd- WEST PRIDE 2021

October 8th– Flag returns

Dates may change