The Festival

when is the next festival?

Next festival is 7–11 June 2023.

when and where is pride parade?

The parade will march on 10 June 2023.

The Pride Parade depart from Gibraltarvallen, same place as the Chalmers Cortége. It then continues along Gibraltargatan, Viktor Rydbergsgatan, Götaplatsen, Kungsportsavenyn, and ends at Gustav Adolfs Torg. 

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where is Pride Park?

The venue for Pride Park 2023 is not decided yet.

It’s free admission to everything in Pride Park.

Where is Pride House?

Pride House are located in institutions around Göta Platsen. Read more about the locations and stages here!


Free admission to everything in Pride House.

How do you work with accessibility?

West Pride has free admission to everything we arrange during West Pride festival, and open to any visitors who share our values. The facilities of Pride House are obliged to have access for manual and electric wheelchairs, accessible toilets and as far as possible hearing loops. If you need any assistance or someone to accompany you to an activity, just send a request to by e-mail to and we will try to help you out. 

Several of our activities are visual interpreted and sign language interpreted. These activities are marked in the festival program and can be filtered at the digital search on our website. 

who is in charge of the planning of pride park?

All organizations applying for a exhibition spot at Pride Park can request a placement based on the planned activity or preferance. The options are close or far away from the stage. West Pride then works to meet these requests. 


What requirements are there to become a volunteer at West Pride?

To become a volunteer at West Pride you need to be at least 15 years old and acknowledge West Prides values. You sign up through a signing online form which you find HERE.
You need to submit: “Registerutdrag för arbete med barn i annan verksamhet än skola och barnomsorg. PM44214.” (you can find it here) The excerpt cannot be older than one year and needs to be submitted to our staff before your first work shift at the festival. Remember that it takes the police office about two weeks to send the excerpt to you, so make sure you to request the excerpt in time.


How much do I need to work?

A lot of our volunteers want to work as much as possible, which is great! 

You need to work at least 15 hours (2-3 shifts) OR during the full day of the Pride Parade in order to receive the goodie bags that are handed out to volunteers. 

When are the volunteer training days?

Dates for volunteer training differ depending on whether you are a new volunteer or have been a volunteer for West Pride in the past. Dates and time have not yet been determined.


Can I work with a friend?

If you email in good advance before the festival it is rarely a hard problem to solve. You can also write it in the online form when applying to become a volunteer. 


When does the exhibitor registration open?

The exhibitor registration will open later this fall.

How much does it cost to rent an exhibition spot in Pride Park?

The prices for 2023 has not been determined yet. 

The prices for 2022 were:

Small, non-commercial association/organization
3×3 meter – 9 000 kr
3×5 meter – 12 000 kr
5×5 meter – 20 000 kr

Medium or large association/organization (national level) or commercial business
3×3 meter – 18 000 kr
3×5 meter – 34 000 kr
5×5 meter – 44 000 kr


Is there any electricity at the exhibition spots?

Pride Park is held in Eriksbergshallen and every exhibition spot is provided with 10A/230V (2000W) electricity. It is enough to power some lamps, a monitor, computer and mobile charger.

It is possible to order more electricity if needed.

Are there any security guards in Pride Park?

Yes, both day and night. West Pride also has park hosts during the opening hours, who circulate the area.

West Pride is not responsible for lost items and we therefore recommend you to not leave valuable things unguarded at your exhibition spot.

Do I get any payment for my program activity?

West Pride is unfortunately not able to offer any payment to organizers or participants in the program activities.

How is West Pride financed?

West Pride, that is a non profit organization, is financed by fundings, partners and sponsors.


What is West Pride?

West Pride is a non-profit organization that works for human rights, whose work is possible thanks to donors, partners and sponsors.

Our vision is an equal world free from prejudices and discrimination. West Pride is an art and culture festival and creates safe meeting spaces for LGBTQI people and focuses on norm criticism and LGBTQI people’s life situation. The festival firstly directs itself towards LGBTQI people in Gothenburg and Västra Götaland, but also to a broader public nationally and internationally. 

West Pride educates schools, companies and organizations in LGBTQI issues and diversity throughtout the year.

What does West Pride do when they don't arrange a festival?

Besides arranging an annual festival, West Pride works all year around with educating companies and organizations in diversity and LGBTQI issues. West Pride also educates school personell and students for free, from preschool class through high school, in Västra Götaland.

How do I become a member?

To become a proud member is easy, you simply need to:

1. Pay the membership either by Swish to 123 900 68 26 or transfer the fee to bank account 900 – 68 26
2. Send an e-mail to with your name, address and phone number

Individuals: 50 SEK
Organizations: 300 SEK
Supporting member: 1000 SEK

The membership is valid one calender year.

Together we can change the world!

How does West Pride work against Pinkwashing*?

West Pride are aware of the issues with Pinkwashing and has therefore actively worked against it by certain demands from partners, organizers and sponsors. Our work against Pinkwashing is raising awareness and knowledge regarding the fenomenon while it prevents West Pride from becoming a platform for those who do not truly share our values and are visible. We have different apporaches against pinkwashing: 

  • Our partners have to share our core values and we educate them in LGBTQI, norm criticism and diversity, through our LGBTQI-trainings. West Pride reserves the right to terminate a partnership if shown that a current or potential partner does not share our values.  
  • We also educate companies and organizations that are not partners to West Pride, which increases the knowledge of Pinkwashing and the problems with the fenomenon.  
  • West Pride has strict rules regarding who is allowed to participate and be seen with a logo in the Pride Parade, that is a manifestation for human rights and West Pride’s biggest events. This is to prevent actors from using Pride Parade as a platform for Pinkwashing. Everyone who share our values are welcome to participate, but commercial companies that are not partners to West Pride are not allowed to participate with their own group and logo. Employees from that company are more than welcome to participate as individuals and private participants.  
  • Everyone who work with the organization West Pride have to follow our code of conduct, which can be found here.  

*Pinkwashing has several meanings. Among other things it is used to describe organizations who claim to support LGBTQI but really work against the movement and LGBQI rights. Pinkwashing is also a term used to describe commercial companies who aim to gain profits and claim an image by appearing to be LGBTQI friendly (for instance by using rainbow colours on products), but are really working against LGBTQI rights.  

Unanswered questions?

Please contact us if you have andy further questions regarding West Pride. We will be in touch shortly!