These values should permeate all activities within the association. Everyone active in the association must know and follow them. This includes cooperation partners and external actors which in some way participates in the festival. 

West Pride acknowledge UNs Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, UNs Declaration on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, and UN’s Declaration of the Rights of the Child. 

West Pride rejects any form of discrimination and oppression motivated by ethnicity, gender, gender identity or gender expression, age, functionality, sexual orientation, sexuality, religious beliefs or social status. 

West Pride cherish a society without violence or threat of violence. 

West Pride is open for anyone who shares the values above and who respects the culture which has its roots in homosexual, bisexual, trans persons and queer people’s lives. 




West Pride spreads joy by being a festival where people can meet and have fun together. We offer fun-filled meeting places and togetherness. Our visitors should feel strengthened in their identities and life choices. 


At West Pride, everyone is treated with respect. We are welcoming and mutually including. Here there is a climate of allowance where debates and questioning can take place, which opens for new connections. 


Everyone should be able to take and be a part of West Pride. Our goal is a zero tolerance towards non accessible facilities, and we offer activities which are accessible from a perspective of functionality and language. West Pride is also free of charge and open to any visitors. 


West Pride wants to make a difference all year round. We want to encourage a commitment that goes beyond the time and space of the festival. West Pride changes attitudes and works from a perspective of norm criticism. We live in solidarity with other parts of the world. West Pride never gives up. 


At West Pride, art and culture of high quality is offered and want our visitors to be inspired, surprised, evolved and hopefully provoked. The range of the art and culture is broad and oozes of courage and innovation.