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Include your offer to the festival bracelet

The festival bracelet is handed out to our festival visitors and you have the possibility to tie an offer that will get you and your business exposure at a popular and important event. 


Each year our festival bracelets are handed out for free to our visitors at our Info Centres. Through the festival bracelet the visitors show their support for West Pride and by it they can take part of the offers that we create with several different organizations and companies. 

The offers are being published in our newsletter, on our website and in our social media channels. You can also become a partner to West Pride to get even more exposure. 



In order to be a part of West Prides festival bracelet we want you to visibly show that you are a part of the festival by renting flags to fly or put up in the facilities where the festival bracelet can be used. You also have the possibility to hand out our festival programs on location in order to make your offers and our cooperation even more visible. 



The offer must have be at least 20 %. Offers for entrance at nightclubs must be at least 50 %. The offer should be as wide and generous as possible. A discount on the entire range is much appreciated, discounts on a few products are acceptable, but 2 for the price of 1 and such is unfortunately not accepted. 

The offer must include everyone who wears West Prides festival bracelet at least during the festival week , but it is welcome to release the offer a week before the festival as well, since the bracelets are being handed out a week before the festival week at our Info Centre in Nordstan. A sign that shows that the festival bracelet can be used at your establishment should be put up, visible on a door or at a display window at least during the festival week. 

Find ind more information about creating an offer for the festival bracelet by contcat us. We look forward to cooperating with you! 


Questions regarding the festival bracelet?
Contact us at

Questions regarding partnership?
Contact Emma at or +46 725 79 23 20.