Hoist the rainbow flag

stand up for human rights


For two weeks, Gothenburg is dressed in the colors of the rainbow. The pride flag will wave proudly on buses, institutions, and companies all around the city. West Pride is renting out rainbow flags to those who would like to flag during the flag period.



The booking is unfortunately closed now.

West Pride rents out flags for 500 SEK each. For lost or damaged flag, the renting party is charged 1 000 SEK. The size of the flags is 180 cm (width) x 300 cm (length) and can be hoisted on a flagpole, hung over a railing or from a wall. Only the imagination puts a stop! There are both rainbow flags and progress flags for rent.

Further down the page, you can click on to the flag booking, which is open 7 March – 16 May. Last year we rented 254 flags to 41 different actors, this year we hope for at least as many!

We encourage you to book rather than buy flags from us. The income from each flag booking is an important and supportive part for us as a non-profit organization, and on the other hand, we see it from an environmental point of view to reuse flags.


Book your flag

The booking is unfortunately closed now.


Pick up and return of flags

The flags are both picked up and returned at the Concert Hall, Götaplatsen 8, 412 56 Gothenburg.


You can buy a  variety of small table flag from West Pride in our webshop.

Progress flag

West Pride has chosen to supplement the usual rainbow flag with another flag in the range called “Progress Flag”. It is possible to choose which of the flags you desire to rent.

The new “Progress Flag” aims to make intersectionality visible within the LGBTQI movement. The flag consists of five smaller stripes representing trans and non-binary people (light blue, bright pink, and white), marginalized POC (people of color)  communities/groups (brown, black), and also those living with AIDS and the stigma as well as the prejudices that those people face, black also stands for those who have lost their lives to the disease.



The booking is unfortunately closed for now.

Please contact us with your questions, or to share images of your flag in action. Send an email to naida@westpride.se