From the 25th of May 2018 there is a new common law in EU for how personal data should be used within companies and organizations. At West Pride we handle different kinds of personal data in order to deliver an annual festival for our visitors. 

Handling personal data 

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, replaces the former Personuppgiftslagen (PUL) and establishes all the rules for how any kind of information which can be linked directly or indirectly to a person must be handled.  

At West Pride we handle different kinds of Personal data in order to deliver an annual festival for our visitors.  

What is personal data?  

Personal data is any type of information which can be linked directly or indirectly (that means, alongside with other information) to a person, for example name, photo, moving images, date of birth, email, phone number, cell phone number and address.

What personal data do we collect and why? 

Within West Pride we handle personal data in several different contexts. It can be contact information to a volunteer, contact person for a cooperating second part, email addresses for newsletters and such or information as described above. 

Handling personal data in pictures, photos and moving material  

When photographing separate individuals West Pride must in most possible way collects a written consent from those who are being photographed. On pictures of crowds or for example when documenting parades by photography or filming it is very hard to collect a written consent. West Pride claims its right to document and disseminate both moving and still images of this kind for journalistic purposes.   


For volunteers who work with West Prides information is being collected regarding the volunteer’s name, address, email address, phone number and photo. The information is being collected for the reasons of volunteer scheduling, security and insurance 

This is how we handle personal data from volunteers 

The volunteer leaves their consent to the information collection is being stored, when registrating in the volunteer data base or different sign up form. The annual volunteer training includes a short briefing regarding how West Pride handles personal data and the volunteers is encouraged to control and update their personal data in the volunteer data base. There by, the volunteer again consents to the information being stored by West Pride. 

Personal data is being stored in the volunteer data base from the festival when the volunteer worked, and the following two festival. There after the data is cleared. The data is protected in the volunteer database through authorization management. HR and the leading committee of the festival gives authority based on needs for the site manager or group leader. After the festival has ended, the authorization is revoked. 

Information in working material during the festival is being cleared by the site manager or the one responsible for the area when the festival has come to an end.  

No personal data is handed out or sold outside of West Pride, except for third party deliverers by volunteer training. 

Personal data in agreements and contracts 

West Pride signs contracts with organisations and different persons in order to createan annual festival, for which personal data is needed. 

Example of contracts and agreements can be made with exhibitors, deliverers, lecturers, artists and partners. 


Before agreements and contracts are being written, personal data is handled with what can later become a cooperation partner. Registration can be made at West Prides website by exhibitors, for those interested in creating activities in Pride House of from an eventual partner or sponsor. 

Personal data which is shared when contracts and agreements are being made is seen as work material and is cleared after the festival. 

Handling of personal data in agreements and contracts 

West pride only handles the information required for the agreements to be valid. In all agreements signed by West Pride, each contracting party is responsible for obtaining consent for the personal data that they use. 

Personal data for distribution of information 

West Pride does several different kinds of mailings to spread information about the organization, through newsletters among others. For this purpose, lists with email addresses are being stored.  

Consent for West Pride to store the addresses are given when the address is given to West Pride for the first time. Approval is given automatically when registering to become a member, a partnership is signed or when a person emails West Pride and asks to take part of the newsletter.  

Consent is being revoked when unsubscribing from the newsletter. 

West Pride uses, among others, MailChimp and Google Analytics to send information. 

Clearing of personal data 

Personal data of a former volunteer is cleared from the Volunteer data base when the volunteer haven’t been active during the two latest festivals.  

The data base for contracts are cleared when BOKFÖRINGSLAGEN allows it. 

Membership registration lists are being cleared after two years. 


During the festival personal data is used as work material in order to create the festival. This may for example be food orderings, schedules, taxi orders, registration of performers etcetera. 


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