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A memory and a colorful experience for life 

Each site manager has support from West Pride’s office and both before and during the festival you participate in consultation with the office. What you mainly get from working as a site manager is an educational, fun and important experience and you get good experience in festival work.

What do our site managers do?

West Pride’s site managers are responsible for each of the festival’s ten areas. The tasks differ to some extent for each area, but generally as a site manager you lead volunteers and management team for your area, scheduling volunteers and planning, expand your ability to work in teams, make contacts and be involved in planning and influencing the festival.

Contact if you have any questions.

Pride editorial team

The Pride editorial team is the extended arm of West Pride’s communication work.

The editorial team document program items with image, text and film to create content which they then post on West Pride’s social media and website. The material is also used internally by West Pride, which means that the editorial team also documents the festival behind the scenes and during the construction/dismantling of the festival area.

The site manager for this area has, together with the communications officer, responsibility that the Pride editorial team implementing the communication plan that exists for the festival. The site manager has also responsibility of distributing the work within the editorial team for who handles image/text/film, etc.

Does it suit me?

The site manager for Pride editorial team suits you who have prior knowledge of journalistic or similar work, a creative eye and like to work in high pace

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Pride House

Pride House is the concept where most of the seminar program at West Prides gathers, which means workshops, lectures, debates, panel discussions, exhibitions, theater performances and more.

In addition to the common tasks for each site manager, the site manager for Pride House works together with the program coordinator at the office with scheduling the program items in Pride House, is responsible for notifications of and contact with program items and program holders who come in, quality assurance of the program etc.

Does it suit me?

Being a site manager in Pride House suits you who like planning and keeping track of things, like meeting people and are flexible.

Pride Park

In addition to the general tasks for site managers, the site manager for Pride Park has the task of planning, establishes, implements and unestablishes Pride Park, which means, among other things, receiving registrations from and having contact with exhibitors, being responsible for decorations and setting up/taking down the park.

The site manager also plans for security together with the security coordination and security company.

Does it suit me?

Being site manager for Pride Park suits you who can take great responsibility in problem solving for all conceivable situations that may arise, like people and have great patience.

Pride Parade

Pride Parade is the festival’s biggest event. Private individuals, associations, sports organizations, parties and more get the opportunity to join the Pride Parade and thus stand behind our message of equal value for all and equal rights. The site manager for the Pride Parade is involved in the planning of the Pride Parade in terms of parade route, submitting permit applications, creating and disseminating application forms, participating in meetings with relevant authorities.

In addition, the site manager plans the logistics for the site, the one who mainly has contact with participating crews and those affected by the parade route (business centers, institutions, etc.), plans security with the festival coordinator and the site manager for security.

Does it suit me?

Being a site manager for Pride Parade suits you who like planning and having many different types of tasks.


West Pride Youth is our initiative for LGBTQI people aged 13-25. With its own area in the park, its own crew in the parade and its own program points in Pride House, this will be its own mini-festival in the festival.

Here, the site manager has the opportunity to have contact with program organizers such as associations, organizations regarding themes such as workshops, crafts, care, etc.

In addition to the common tasks for site managers, the site manager conducts research of what the target group requests for program items, schedules the various program items and has the task of arranging at least twelve program items for West Pride Youth.

Does it suit me?

To be site manager for West Pride Youth, we see that you are happy to be within or in the immediate age of the target group, have an easy time talking to people and are creative.

Info center

West Pride Info Center is at different places around Gothenburgand is West Pride’s face to the outside and the festival’s source of information where programs are distributed, festival bracelets are issued and merchandise is sold.

Our biggest Info Center is in Nordstan and opens already the weekend before the rest of the festival. 

The site manager for the Info Center has the office’s communications officer as a contact person, is involved in arranging and carrying out two pop ups before the festival, establishes, implements and unestablishes the Info Centers in addition to the general tasks for site managers.

Does it suit me?

Being site manager for Info Center suits you who are outgoing and can take both positive as well as negative critique, are service-minded and have a positive mind.


The volunteer coordinator works mostly with recruiting volunteers to the festival. It is also the volunteer coordinator who is responsible for ensuring that the other area managers receive the volunteers they have requested. In addition to the general tasks for site managers, it is also the volunteer coordinator who receives applications, arranges kick-off and farewell dinner, distribute bus and tram tickets to site managers and volunteers, together with the office is responsible for the voluntary training and is responsible for giving volunteer certificates to the volunteers who request it.


Does it suit me?

Being a volunteer coordinator suits you who can have many things going on at the same time, is outgoing and easy to talk to people. Some knowledge of Excel is also beneficial, but not is necessary.