Get to know this year’s artists who are exhibiting at West Pride’s art exhibition 2022. Twelve fantastic and creative people are behind the works, which you can see at the City Library June 5-19.


Diba Mokhtabad 

Recognition is not just remembering the names and colors. Recognition is to understand the challenges, to act, to be sensitive about the matter, and to be responsible. 

Growing up in a small village, Mokhtabad’s favorite hobby became walking in nature trying to understand the deep relationship between human and its environment. The peace which she finds in nature touches her so profoundly that she tries to reflect it to all her handworks to express her feelings.” 


Hild K 

Hild K mainly works with photography and collage, which they processes digitally in different ways. They also does cyanotypes. Hild K is a non-binary transgender person and artistic activist who uses art as a way to explore and express their gender identity.



Julia Pivén 

Pivén is a bisexual artist who breaks the norm both in her art, lifestyle and how she talks openly about her schizophrenia. Part of the art is about androgynous expressions and norm-breaking bodies, as well as a poorly hidden interest in BDSM.

Instagram: @juliapivenart 

Facebook: Art by Julia Pivén 


Martin Johansson 

Johansson exclusively explores queer and gay subjects with their photography through portraits or the male form. They exhibited last year with a series of portraits of queer people through the series Room No.


Melissa Johansson  

Johansson is a freelance queer working class artist who is passionate about creating context and community for queer people. The works are dreams of a post-capitalist world, a visualization of the queer existence after the revolution.


Miro Elgeholm 

Elgeholm makes colorful illustrations with non-binary guinea pig-like figures combined with thoughtful texts about relationships, life and breaking norms. In his art, they starts from their life as queer, non-binary and multifaceted.


MOM (Morita, Ottosson, McCready) 

The Japanese government does not yet recognize non-heteronormative families and the couple Morita and McCready, who have been married since 2000, are facing a potentially forced divorce. But what is a family? The FAMILY MOVE project aims to discuss this issue with a wider audience.


Novalie Kaspersson  

Kaspersson works mostly digitally in the form of illustrations. She herself is part of LGBTQI and creates her art from a norm-breaking perspective. She grew up in church and uses her art to illuminate the experiences of LGBTQI people in a congregation. She wants to highlight problems and at the same time give a feeling of calm.


Queer Zine Project 

Zine (a small self-published magazine) from the Queer Zine Project, which will be created in May 2022. All works in the zine are created by LGBTQ + people.


Robin Dunmark 

Dunmark draws and paints a lot. During West Pride, his art was shown that challenges the normal cis-duality with elements of the functional man.


Sahar Alkhateeb 

Alkhateeb is a trans-non binary Palestinian who works with installation. Their work is an istallation which shows their postition as queer in their old society and the society that they are in right now.



Susanne Atkins Ryman (Rymanskanskonst) 

”Rymanskan” paints based on theirself with acrylic and mixed media, even in ink on mixed materials such as paper or canvas etc. Since they are LGBTQ, it often becomes abstract with gender-neutral or female motives.

Instagram: @rymanskanskonst