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Gothenburg profile Ronnie Hallgren new chairman of West Pride

At West Pride’s annual meeting on March 31, 2022, a new board was elected. Ronnie Hallgren, who has previously been CEO of both the Gothenburg City Theater and the Gothenburg Opera, was elected new chairman.

Ronnie is passionate about LGBTQI + issues and will lead West Pride to continue to be one of Sweden’s largest art and culture festivals that creates safe meeting places for LGBTQI + people in Gothenburg and Västra Götaland county.

– It is a real pleasure to start working as chairman of the board of West Pride. The fight against injustice and oppression, exclusion and discrimination is now needed more than ever. Persecution of people in many countries for their sexual orientation and, not least, an unjust and cruel invasion of Russia in Ukraine means that the work of West Pride and its sister organizations around the world is needed more than ever, says Ronnie Hallgren, newly elected chairman of West Pride.

Ronnie Hallgren is one of West Pride’s founders, then in his role as director of Gothenburg City Theater. 2007 was founded, HBT-GBG which later became West Pride by five cultural institutions; Pustervik, the World Culture Museum, Blå Stället, the Röhsska Museum and the Gothenburg City Theater.

– It is my hope and strong belief that together in the newly elected board we can be involved and deepen the work for democracy and EVERYONE’S EQUAL RIGHT, says Ronnie Hallgren.

Ronnie Hallgren’s background

Ronnie Hallgren began his career in the performing arts and has since been active in several of Sweden’s major theaters as artistic director, theater director and director. Ronnie has also been the director of the Gothenburg Opera and during his career has also made productions for Swedish Radio and Swedish Television. In addition to senior positions at various activities, Ronnie Hallgren has been a member of artistic councils and reference groups for performing arts at the national level. In addition to the professional activities described above, Ronnie Hallgren has also been active in research and educational activities, e.g. as acting professor of stage design at the University of Stage and Music, University of Gothenburg.

West Pride’s new board

Ronnie Hallgren, Chairman

Richard Brodd, New Vice President

Carin Malmberg, Member

Klas Nordh, member

Agneta Wirén, Member

Marcelo Pino Guerrero, Member

Anna Wallin, Member

Marina Fransson, replacement

Fatha Hassan, replacement

Karlotta Backe, replacement

Tanja Lukin, replacement

Jonas Jonasson, certified auditor

Patrik Nordin, elected auditor