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West Pride invites you to an evening lecture with Saga Becker. During the evening there will be mingling, snacks and DJ. The event is free and for our members only. You can easily become a member on site for only 50 SEK.
Read more about West Prides membership here!

WHEN? Thursday January 20th at 17.30-20.00
WHERE: Lynk & Co Club, Ekelundsgatan 4, Göteborg. Nearest stop is Domkyrkan (tram 2, 6 ,11 or bus 16, 19, 25).


Saga Becker is the role model she herself never had. She grew up as a feminine boy in a small Swedish town where the exclusion was obvious, and a longing for a community was constantly reminded. Saga chose life and being herself over self-harming behavior and suicidal thoughts and today identifies herself as a trans woman. In addition to being a lecturer, Saga is a successful actor, writer and director.

Saga Becker’s lecture touches on topics such as identity, sexuality, LGBTQ, and suicide prevention and has been much appreciated in workplaces as well as organizations and schools. Saga tells about her life and invites you to increased knowledge, new perspectives and ideas to take with you both in working life and in everyday life.