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West Pride is planning for a festival week packed with content that can be experienced both on site and at home. West Pride will follow the covid restrictions that prevail and carry out the event in an safe manner. In addition, the festival will be streamed to increase accessibility for those  who cannot attend physically. As always, West Pride welcomes everyone who stands behind our values. There will be no entrance fee.

It will be wonderful to meet people in person again, although with regards to the prevailing restrictoions. I am especially looking forward to the fantastic stage program with artists and speakers in Eriksbergshallen with names such as Tove Styrke, Janice, Dotter, Märta Stenevi, Clara Henry and Marika Carlsson, not to mention our popular Drag and burlesque gala, says Emma Gunterberg Sachs, General Manager West Pride.


PRIDE PARK October 2–3  

Pride Park is located in Eriksbergshallen, which is 3,000 sqm in size. In order to accommodate as many visitors as possible, the hall is divided into three sections; stage, restaurant, fair.



Saturday and Sunday are divided into different blocks with artists, stage shows,  stand-up and speakers. We will release 300 free tickets to the various blocks. Visitors with a ticket get a seat at a table and the opportunity to order drinks and food. 


Here visitors will be able to book a table to enjoy food and drink and at the same time be able to take part of the stage program via a large screen. There is room for more than 200 diners at the same time.


No ticket is needed for the exhibition, and you can come and go as you please to visit our 20 exhibitors. West Pride Youth, which is targeted to people between the age of 13 and 25, will, among other things, arrange live podcasts, quizzes, workshops and much more.


PRIDE HOUSE 29 september – 3 oktober

Pride House, our concept for seminars, talks, exhibitions and workshops, is, as in previous years, held at the cultural institutions around Götaplatsen. We have more than 100 important and interesting program items in Pride House. The program on Trappscenen in the City Library led by Aleksa Lundberg will be streamed Wednesday through Friday and will be available on West Pride’s Facebook page and website.


CITY EVENTS 27 September – 3 October

Don’t miss all the fantastic programme items that take place at organizers in Gothenburg and other municipalities in Västra Götaland.


PRIDE PARADE 2 october

We are still waiting to hear whether the government will relax the restrictions in the fall. In the meantime, we are exploring alternative solutions to be able to carry out the parade on 2 October, even if the restrictions remain in place. We’ll get back to you shortly, so keep an eye out!


INFO CENTRE IN NORDSTAN 24 September – 3 October

You will find the Info Centre in the Tourist Office’s old premises in the middle of Nordstan. Here we will hand out free festival bracelets, inform about the festival and sell our new merchandise.  Info centres are also available at the City Library and Eriksbergshallen.



The festival programme will be released in full on 13 September, but several of the artists have already been announced on our social media. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram so as not to miss anything!