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2021-06-10 | Uncategorized


Ahead of this year’s festival, West Pride has chosen to lift Gothenburg and the journey the city has made – from being known as a homophobic city to becoming Sweden’s most LGBTQI-friendly city. In the campaign film we get to follow seven LGBTQI persons with different backgrounds and life stories.

The film aims to call for the place everyone is entitled to and to build a city everyone can be proud of together. There is much to be proud of, but also much left to fight for.

The campaign film depicts Lars, Pedro, Samantha, Ardeshir, Sally, Vera and Vicent seven  LGBTQIprofiles of different ages and backgrounds. Their experiences, challenges and victories in Gothenburg are depicted in the film. A city where everyone should be able to take their place and be included.

HERE you can find some of the person portraits of the people involved and read their own words about the relationship with Gothenburg and what it is like to live there as an  LGBTQIperson.

Through the festival and West Pride’s activities, conditions are created for more LGBTQI people to dare to get out of oppression. West Pride continues the fight for inclusive Gothenburg and welcomes everyone behind their values to visit the festival, which runs from 27 September to 3 October.

Agency: Grey Gothenburg
Production Company: Tchikana