Dina lakan kan bli konst på årets festival

Hejsan alla!

Som ni ju vet är alla konstnärerna till En konstig utställning i full gång med sina projekt och nu har installatören/performanceartisten Mary Coble en efterlysning till er alla. För att kunna genomföra sitt konstverk är hon i behov av en stor mängd tyg, och hon hoppas att du som läser detta kanske har ett stycke att skänka. Kanske har du något bortglömt lakan i garderoben? Några uttjänta handdukar? En hel rulle siden som blev över efter senaste draperiprojektet? Mary är intresserad av tyger i alla former, färger och skick.  

Har DU något tyg att skänka? Gör det nu – allt för konsten! Mejla till mary.coble@gmail.com.

Här är ett brev där Mary förklarar mer om sitt projekt, och vad tygerna ska användas till. 

Hello all,

I'm searching for fabric – used, new, various colors and sizes. I need it in all and  any form. If anyone has fabric they could donate or part with cheaply please let me know. All leads and suggestions are welcome!

Here's why:

I have the exciting opportunity to participate in an exhibition as part of 
"West Pride" the HBTQ Festival here in Gothenburg.

The exhibition will be at the Stadsbiblioteket and will open on Wednesday May 28. I'm preparing a work that involves an installation, a performance with the help of visitors  and then participation in the Pride March on Sunday June 1st. 

The work is centered around the image of a raised or clenched fist that has historically been used to symbolize protest and solidarity.  I've gathered a database of over 60 fists and have learned so many amazing things and have been totally inspired as I've researched.  I'm trying to make a link that while we should celebrate with Pride we HAVE to protest with Pride. 

In Sweden I feel amazingly privileged and with this privilege there is also a responsibility to raise our fists for those queers (queer asylum seekers, queers of color, queers who cannot safely live as queers) and other minorities who struggle for basic human rights. 

In response to this:

1.  I am making banners to hang in the library windows that represent a variation of raised fist campaigns.  

2.  There will be a zine with images and texts that think along with the research, I as well as others, have been doing. I've commissioned two text pieces; one by art historian and queer theorist Mathias Danbolt and one by Lincoln Cushing, a librarian, archivist and author of "A brief history of the clenched fist"

3.  The final aspect is what I need the fabric donations for. I will be asking visitors in the exhibition to created their own fist print by painting their fist and pressing it on a fabric 'flag'. After each print is made I will raise the fist flag on the flag pole outside of the library. This action will continue over the four days leading up to the parade.

I will ask that on the day of the Pride March that people come back and gather their flags so that we can march together raising our fists high!

I am funding this entire project by myself and am committed to giving the zines our for free and having enough materials so that everyone who wants to participate with a fist flag can do so. That is why I need your help. So again, any fabric will be very appreciated and put to good use! Bigger pieces-at least A4 will be easier to use but I have a sewing machine and will not hesitate to use it!

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.  Please feel free to pass this around.

Mary Coble