Tell us a little bit about who you are and your profession.

On your season on RuPaul’s drag race you were a huge fan favorite  – how did that feel and why do you think the audience took you to their hearts ?

I actually think the audience falls in love with all of the girls who are on the show. Lots of girls feel the pressure to act a certain way or have an agenda when they go on the show. My agenda was to just be authentically me from the beginning. In some ways that pose a risk because I saw it was honorable as a trans woman going onto the show but, I think it worked out pretty well.

It has been 50 years since the Stonewall Riots. We are aware of the criticism for the Pride-movement on whitewashing the history and not paying enough respect to the transgender women of color who started the riot. What is your perspective, being a trans woman of color, both on how history is told and on the development of LGBTQ rights since then?

Some of the most noteworthy moments in history have had queer people behind them. I think we are finally coming to a point where folks are starting to realize that queer people and specifically people of color have always contributed to these mementos achievements. I wish we could go back and change some of the initial accounts, the way the stories were told historically has not always been accurate or kind. But in this age of accountability. People are starting to see the value in acknowledging the contributions of trans women of color.

 How is it to be a female dragqueen in a cis-male dominated dragculture?

It’s interesting, it’s not difficult to see how toxic masculinity and misogyny has affected folks all over the world and throughout history. But it’s interesting when misogyny rears its ugly head even within queer safe spaces. Especially in the world of drag which has been historically male-dominated. You have to be in denial though, if you didn’t want to admit that in the very least trans identities and the world will drag have intercepted and overlapped for decades

And what backlashes have you noticed since Trump came to office?

I haven’t noticed any personal backlashes since Trump took office, but it’s impossible not to notice the incessant and constant and Insidious attacks on the trans community via shoddy legislation, hysterical irrational tweets and abusive bathroom policies.

What are your expectations on visiting Gothenburg in Sweden and performing at West Prides Drag & Burlesque gala?

I can’t wait to come back to Sweden, it’s been a couple of years and I absolutely love the country. Although I’ve never been to Gothenburg, so I’m super excited to try the food especially the knäckebröd and lingonberries.

Text: Emma Gunterberg Sachs