Gothenburg West Pride 2019 opening ceremony has been warming up the crowd at Pride Park scene despite the crispy and cloudy weather tonight.

Many renowned names have followed each other on the West Pride stage at the Park area in Bältesspännarparken. After some important and inspirational speeches focused on the fight for gender equality and homosexual rights along the last century held by activist Berit Larsson, different performers have entertained the audience with warmth. From the songs sung by Sebastian Walldén, the Idol 2018 winner, to the club beats spread out by Tami T, passing through the visual and musical performances by Azrael Lost. The public also enjoyed the interpreted poems by Yolanda Aurora Bohm Ramirez, perfectly blending with the hip-hop atmosphere created by Boris Jelic and the electronic vibes offered by the duet named Hampus Carlsson.

The smiles and participation of the festival representatives are wide and a warm welcome to everyone is perceivable everywhere among the stands. Ideas sharing, interactive tasks and information are available at every tent. Exactly as Gothenburg city, West Pride is an event open to anyone, every color, gender, nationality, age, status, shape and talent is welcome to join! So don’t miss the next vibrant and joyful events and activities taking over the city during the whole week!Moxy DJ has had the pleasure to close down this first night making a huge crowd dance until the party lights went off.

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Giulia Salvestroni