Följande öppna brev har idag skickats från Haydar Adelson, ordförande för Stockholm Pride och Tasso Stafilides, ordförande för West Pride till Ryska ambassadören i Stockholm:

To the Russian ambassador in Sweden:

We get dreadful reports from Chechnya that gay men were captured, tortured and killed. We hear of hundreds of people still captured without any response or action from the Russian federal authorities.

We demand that the Russian and Chechnyan authorities recognize the human rights of LGBT-persons and that the ones captured for their sexuality are immediately released. The ones responsible need to be held accountable.

We welcome all LGBT-persons and our friends from all over the world to our two pride festivals. We will turn especially to Russian LGBT-persons. Next year we will arrange EuroPride 2018 as a celebration and call for human rights, with a special welcome to our brothers and sisters from Russia to join us.

Our message is straight and sincere:

We will continue our pursuit for equal rights. And that goes beyond the borders of our country, our fight is not isolated to Sweden, our fight for equality is also the fight of LGBT-rights in Russia and Chechnya.

Your sincerely

President of Stockholm Pride
Haydar Adelson
President of West Pride
Tasso Stafilidis

Vi vill också uppmuntra till deltagande i RFSL, RFSL ungdom och RFSL Stockholms demonstration utanför Ryska ambassaden nu på söndag 23 april mellan klockan 14:00 och 15:00.