Welcome to West Pride, Gothenburg May 28–June 1 

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What is actually queer? Who decides what’s ”queer” and what’s ”normal? This year do we want to dig deeper in these questions. West Pride lifts up norm critics/criticism and lgbt-peoples life situations through art and culture. We want to question what is considered normal and fight for LGBT rights to an unique expression. The festival campaign consist of three parts: A queer exhibition, A queer podcast and A queer blog. Art, culture and norm critics is going to transpire all of these parts.

The national and international known artists Meritxell Aumedes (dance film), Mary Coble (installiation/performance), Martin Elgueta (gouache), Elias Ericson (drawing) and Nino Mick & Anna Jadéus (poetryslam/music) creates five works of art by the concept ”queer”. The result will be an exhibition at Stadsbiblioteket, in the center of West Prides program area Regnbågskvarteret. The opening of the exhibition is held on May 28. 

In A queer podcast you can listen to gay Swedens perhaps most popular podcast hosts, Cissi Ramsby and Lovisa Fischerström, were they together talk with guests in ten episodes.

This queer blog here on our website contain posts about art and culture, but also a look behind the scenes of the festival.

About West Pride

West Pride is a free of charge culture festival that creates meeting points for lgbt-people. We hightlight norm criticism and lgbt-persons life situations through art and culture.

The festival is aimed primarily for lgbt-persons in Gothenburg and western Sweden, but also for a wider national and international public.

Our aim/purpose is to show a diversity of expressions by coordinating and arranging art and culture. We create meeting points and areas for knowledge, conversations, reflections, attitude change and social influence. We want to inspire you into a more open society that counteract prejudices and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, sex identity and/or expressions. 

Through our arrangement and sponsoring partners we become a compound that always is working for a positive change local and global. Through creating this meeting points for people and organisations with art, culture and lgbt-questions West Pride is giving effects outside of the festival.

West Pride is an umbrella organization that coordinates all the program events, which is organized by cultural actors in the city of Gothenburg. Everyone that stands behind the festival’s values are welcome to arrange program items. West Pride was founded in 2007 of the Gothenburg City Theatre, Culture House Blå Stället, Stora Teatern (former Pusterviksteatern) , Röhsska museet and Världskulturmuseet.

West Pride's Vision

An equitable and inclusive world free from prejudice and discrimination.


West Pride's words of value

West Pride spreads joy. West Pride is a festival where people meet up and enjoy time together. We offer meeting points and solidarity. Our visitors should feel strengthened in their identity and their life choices.

At West Pride everyone is treated with respect. We are welcoming, and and let everyone who wants to participate. We create a permissive climate, where debates and questioning may take place. We create new meetings.

Everyone can be a part of West Pride. Our vision is to have premises which is availability adapted, and offer events that are available based on functionality and language. West Pride is a free festival and open for everyone who share our values.

West Pride wants to make a difference every day of the year. We want to encourage a commitment that extends beyond the festival space and time. West Pride changes attitudes and take a stand from a norm critical perspective. We are in a solidarity with other parts of the world. West Pride never gives up.

West Pride offer art and culture of high quality. Our visitors will be inspired, surprised, educated and hopefully they will be provoked. The range of art and culture is wide and breath courage and innovation. There should be room to be challenged in their/your approach to art and culture.